#TutorialTuesday @_warrior_


HI giboomers here is my tutorial Tuesday because i was picked for the gifaothon forFriday the 13th i have been asked to make a tutorial on how i make my creative gifs lets get started!

First what i do is I open up this app called intro designer. It is in the app store and pretty much what it is for is to make starters for Imovie but i felt this would put it to better use!


Next what I do is I click on that small plus in the corner if I was to start a new project and then it would bring you to a page that would look like this


Then what you can do is pick from many different templates and there are different categories that you can scroll over and through if you want other types of templates. For expample for my new gif I would scroll over the bottom options to Cinimatic and then the templates page would look like this next.


Then once the template is pulled up I click choose template. Then it will load for a few seconds before next the screen will look like this.


You might be confused why the screen is black but if you press the play button the video will start to play and there will be music dont be alarmed all of the templates come with sound FX and music which you can turn off if you want down in that little icon that says audio.
 Next to edit text you tap where it says to tap then your screen will look like this.


Then all you have to do is click on the text and change the words if you please! and you click on the arrows to go to the next text in the video and you can change the words that will pop up on the screen to whatever you please! And the icons bellow that say font and color and position you can change the font type and color of the fonts and size and where the fonts will be on the screen with those icons.

Next when you have finished your video in the corner there is an arrow that says export. You click on this and then your screen will look like this


Here you can chose where you want to share the video or save it too your camera or if you would like to change the music and sound effects to on or off and before you press export you have to press a size of the video from those three measurement things at the top. I always choose the first one but its totally up to you on what size and then the video will be saved to your library.

Then when you find the video in your library you might see how long the video is and when you load is onto gifboom is will only let you post the first nine seconds but dont freak out. Gifboom has a new thing where you can add more video onto your gifs to make them longer! its in the same setting if you want to trim or slow down the gif. IT looks like a box with a little plus and then when you press that button all you have to do is go and find the same video and start from the nine seconds and then just keep repeating that until your video has all of the footage but also you need trim some of the parts just in case things dont repeat.

I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial and I hope you guys continue to visit my gifboom @_warrior_ and see my other creations in the future!

Bye! :)

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#TutorialTuesday @madeyoulook


Hey all you creative Gifboomers, I’m Hayley or @madeyoulook and I was asked to create a tutorial for #TutorialTuesday!

I am going to show you how to add some super awesome edits and fonts to your gifs using a bunch of free apps!

Lets get started!!!!

1.) You will need some photos either from a video you took and then captured a lot of screen shots from or just some photos you took, maybe even the same photo.


(I just took a bunch of photos of the same thing)

2.) Crop the photo using an app like Photo Crop or CoolFrames to get even more creative.


3.) Now lets start editing the pictures. You can have up to 60 photos per gif, so don’t edit more than that. The reason we have to edit each photo is you want to make it look like your edits are moving or taking over the actual gif. You can you apps like Bokehpic (which is a light filter app, which is actually really cool) Repix (this has a bunch of cool stuff you can do).

image(here I am using the dotter tool from Repix)

4.) Keep adding a bit more of the edit to each of the photos so it looks like its taking over. Make sure only to add a bit more of (in this case the dots) to each of the photo’s.


(This is what it should like at the end)

5.) Make sure you save all these photos to your camera roll. Now you can add text or any other fun stuff to your photos, this is added work if your up for it. You would do the same thing and just add the word or phrase to each of the photos. If you want it to look like its moving, just change the position slightly each time. You can use apps like InstaText or Font.


(here I changed the background to the silk edit from Repix so you could see another example and added text to both of the “Warm Fuzzies”)


(here is the app Font where I will add those words to each one of my photos and to make them look like they are moving I will move them a bit each time.)

6.) At the end just go into Gifboom and create a gif with the photo’s you just individually edited. Remember this will take a bit of time so just have fun with it :-)

My latest gif was made this way so check it out @madeyoulook or @gifboom because they also posted it :-)


Ps: If you have any questions shoot them to my Ask box or inbox :-)

- Hayley

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#TutorialTuesday @MissBean


Hey Gifboom! It’s @Missbean here! I was asked to do todays’ tutorial Tuesday, so here it is! I’m going to teach you how I make my stop-motion animation gifs!

The first thing you’ll need to do is think of what you want your gif to be about. Get creative! Will it be about a recent topic/issue or will it just be something that you like? Make sure that whatever you come up with, you think you’ll be able to draw it. A few examples of gifs I’ve done in the past are: Flowers growing, A balloon flying up, A tree loosing its leaves and just a simple quote. None of these ideas are too complex as even a simple stop-motion gif done well could look fantastic!

Once you’ve decided on what your gif is going to be about/feature, you will need to start drawing it on a piece of paper. Don’t draw it too big or too small as the next step is to colour it in and cut it out.

I know that some people create their animation by placing everything on a table and taking the photos like that, but the way I do may animation is by sticking the pictures to a wall; so the next thing your going to need is blutack. Get the blutack and stick some on the back of every cut out drawing that you are using in your animation.

Place the drawings on the wall, but not too high up on the wall. I usually place my drawings close to the bottom of the wall as I sit down and take my photos. Tip: Once you’ve sat down and taken the first photo, DON’T MOVE FROM THAT SPOT. The reason I say this is because if you move after you’ve taken the first photo, then you move and take the second photo, the animation will look very jumpy. So stay in the same spot to make the animation look smooth.

When it comes to moving the pictures on the wall after every photo, only move it the tiniest bit, as if you move it a large amount of distance then, once again, your animation will look jumpy. The pictures are moved each photo to make the object look like it’s moving.

I take the photos with my ipod, and I don’t use and gifboom camera as that will make gifs not take photos. So I just use the camera that comes with my ipod. Don’t forget that you can only take 60 photos, then next step will explain why.

Once all of the photos are taken, all you need to do is open the Gifboom app. It’s that simple! No special editing apps are needed, just good old gifboom. Just click the camera button, the click the upload from photos button. Don’t forget that because we’re using gifboom we can only use up to 60 photos (60 Frames). All you need to do then in let gifboom load up the pictures and then you can see what your new animation looks like. 

You can change the speed to make it faster or slower if you like, but usually I just leave it at the speed that it’s automatically at. Then you can watermark your gif (e.g. I put @Missbean on all my gifs) Just so no one tries to claim the gif as their own.

So that’s how I make my stop-motion animation gifs. The concept is simple, but depending on the idea and concept of the gif, it could take a while.


Paper, Drawing pencils, Colouring in pencils, Scissors, Blutack, An ipod/iphone and a wall. 


1.) Think of what your gif is going to be about.
2.) Draw your idea on paper
3.) Colour in your drawing/s
4.) Cut out your drawing/s
5.) Put blutack on the back of your drawing/s
6.) Stick your drawing/s on a wall
7.) Sit down and take the first photo
8.) Move the drawing/s only a little bit
9.) Take a photo and repeat steps 8 and 9 until all photos have been taken
10.) Upload photos to gifboom

Thank you! I hope you learned something!
Don’t forget to follow and subscribe @Missbean

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Editor’s Choice #Nature GIFathon

Editor’s choice for the #Nature GIFathon! 

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#Nature GIFathon

For this weekend’s GIFathon, create a gif dedicated to #nature! Be creative!

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Tutorial Tuesday @imaginactive


Hi guys its me @imaginactive and i’m gonna tell how to make a gif like my food gif 


-Superimpose (payed)

- picmotion (free)


you need a picture of a pizza, starbucks coffee, chips and a lolly


first you go to picmotion you make the moves you want to make, like i make photo’s  when i move my hand. 

You save your photo’s and you open superimpose.   you put one photo of picmotion as background and a picture of a pizza as foreground. 

imageyou cut the white background of your pizza off and you put the pizza in your hand. 

Now you put the second image you made with picmotion as your background in superimpose, you move the pizza a little higher.

and with the transform in the menu you can fade your pizza out. like i didimage

you do all the same  things with the starbuck and the chips and the lolly so long till you have a lot of pictures

Now you go to gifboom you click on the camera in the menu and you click on add photo, you select your pictures and you create a creative video!


i hope i help you all!

xoxo @imaginactive

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Editor’s Choice #FavoriteFood GIFathon

Editor’s choice for the #favoritefood GIFathon!

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#FavoriteFood GIFathon

For this weekend’s GIFathon, show us your #favoritefood! 

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Tutorial Tuesday @shadowed


Hello! i am very honored to do this weeks Tutorial Tuesday!

I will be showing you how i did my #superpower gifathon gif!

All you need are the apps

Gifrus (free) and gifboom (of course)


When you download gifrus, You are going to want to click on “make”

To get into place before it shutter starts, tap the little speak icon in the bottom right corner and say anything to activate the camera. make any movements as if to be shooting a fireball or come up with something creative! 

(*hint* if you want to make a gif with a mirror appearance like i did, just save the first gif of you on one side doing the movements and save that, then carefully without moving the camera, go to the other side of the screen and do more movements in a way to look like you would be fighting yourself and follow the steps below twice.)

Once you have all 40 pictures you simply hit next, choose a filter if you wish or, you can go straight to adding in the effects!

To add effects to your gif click the “extra” button.

There you will see each of the 40 frames that you can scroll through. find the one you want your effect to start on and look at the top of the screen to find the effects that you would like to add. once you added it to your project, easily adjust the size to how ever large or small you would like. when you would like to know how it looks just click preview and you can review how your gif will actually turn out. once you like how it looks add any additional affects or touches until you like it and hit “save and share”


After that go back to gifrus’s home screen and click on gallery and you will see the gif you have made and edited. click “edit” and click on the gif you made to put an orange check over it. once its is selected click export.

From there all you need to go is on gifboom and click on the camera. from there click on “choose from gif” and in there you will find your edited gif and you can then adjust the speed add another filter, or add text to your


(*hint* if you are still working on the gif where you have yourself fighting yourself and you can then select make a collage gif, and adjust the two gifs together to make the appearance of you fighting yourself.)

and thats it! you’re done! :)

i hope this tutorial helps! have fun! I am excited to see your new and creative gifs on gifboom!

-shadowed :)

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Editor’s Choice #FavoriteTeam GIFathon

Editor’s choice for the #favoriteteam GIFathon! 

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