GifBoom Caption Contest Winner Announced!

@tattwddevil is the winner of our first GifBoom Caption Contest. Congrats! His hilarious post for this GIF ( was:

"No no no, it’s left right dip! Are you trying to piss off the volcano gods?!"

Props to @sweetbro for being such a great sport too. Thanks to both of you for enjoying GifBoom!

Check out his profile on the GifBoom application for iOS and Android devices. Don’t forget to follow and stay tuned in on the latest updates and contests. Maybe YOUR GIF will be chosen next time!

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Today is Friday!

…For those of you who had no idea what day it was. But, Friday means more than just the beginning of the weekend. It means that our caption contest will be coming to an end. This Sunday at midnight is the last day that you can make a post and be¬†eligible. So post your captions today:¬† . Check out our previous posts if you have no idea what we’re talking about.

Good Luck and have fun!

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Contest: To Be Continued…

Hello GifBoomers!

What a fine evening it has been, albeit cold. Anyhoot… We’re extending our competition length. So you still have the chance to be a winner! The new official end date is this Sunday at midnight (EST)! So mark your calendar for March 11, 2012. We are still continuing with our previously selected GIF by @sweetbro. Here is the link to the GIF:

If you have a caption that you think would be funny or witty comment on the app. We will be rebooming his GIF via our official account @gifboom.

Still don’t have the app for your Android or iOS device? What’s wrong with you!? Get if from you device’s app store.

Good Luck Again!

posted: 2 years ago
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